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FBT record-keeping simplification - determinations finalised

Simplified FBT record keeping obligations.
Simplified FBT record keeping obligations.

First announced in the 2020–21 Federal Budget, a bill introducing legislative amendments aiming to simplify FBT record keeping obligations received royal assent on 23 June 2023.

Before the enactment of this measure, you were required to obtain and maintain a number of employee declarations and other prescribed forms each FBT year, all before the lodgement due date. With the introduction of this measure, the Commissioner has the power to apply your existing corporate records as substantiation documentation to comply with these record-keeping obligations.

Record-keeping options for employers

Previous law — employers must keep and retain the designated statutory evidentiary documents in the approved form for each fringe benefit for FBT-record keeping purposes.

New law — employers have the option, for each fringe benefit, to:

• rely on adequate alternative records (as determined by the Commissioner) which contain the information required for FBT record-keeping purposes, or

• keep and retain the designated statutory evidentiary documents in the approved form for FBT record-keeping purposes.

Adequate alternative substantiation records

Factors the Commissioner may specify and consider when issuing a determination will include:

• one or more years of tax

• one or more classes of individuals

• the classes of statutory evidentiary documents applying to the relevant fringe benefit, and

• the kind of alternative documents or records an employer may use to satisfy their record-keeping obligations.

Information sources may include, but are not limited to employment contracts, payroll records, job descriptions etc.

Treasury has finalised, as per Commissioner's directive, 11 FBT determinations that provide details of the adequate alternative records that will be accepted by the commissioner as an adequate alternative to the relevant employee declarations.

We anticipate more such determinations to be released in the due course. Please feel free to reach out to The Neill Family Group if you wish to learn more about these draft determinations.

Contact us

We can assist you with navigating through the changes and prepare a record-keeping checklist for you once more information is on hand.

Should you have any queries, or if you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact The Neill Family Group.

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